NHBC is the leading home construction warranty and insurance provider for new and newly-converted homes in the UK. The NHBC publish standards on the technical requirements performance and guidance for the design and construction of homes which is deemed acceptable by NHBC projects.

The NHBC Standards are separated into 10 Parts each containing a particular building element and subdivided into chapters which, in principle, follow the normal build sequence.

NHBC Standards

Fenestartion products are included in Part 6 which covers the Superstructure which covers the walls and floors.

View full NHBC 2016 standards.

Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Technical Requirement
Part 3 General
Part 4 Foundations
Part 5 Substructure
Part 6 Superstructure

Chapter 6.7 - Windows and doors
Chapter 6.9 - Curtain walling

Part 7 Roof
Part 8 Services
Part 9 Finishes
Part 10 External Works

Curtain walling has been included in the NHBC standards since 2005. Curtain walling has always been a specialist trade and should only be installed by competent persons. The latest NHBC Standard reinforces this by making it mandatory for all installers to hold a training certificate confirming that they have been trained on the system being installed by their supplier. Importantly this requirement is also applicable to large window and/or door assemblies and not only curtain walling; i.e. it will apply to all installation one or more storeys in height.

Smarts have invited Dr Stephen Ledbetter from CWCT to offer a bespoke training course to allow our fabricators to demonstrate compliance to the latest NHBC requirements.

To complete the e-training course:
CWCT course