UKCA Marking – What is it?

UKCA and UKNI Marking will be replacing CE Marking in the UK and Northern Ireland. The new marking allows fabricators to provide a certificate of compliance with harmonised European standards after brexit.

When is UKCA Marking introduced?

The CE Marking for windows and doors was first introduced in 2010. UKCA and UKNI mark have been introduced following Brexit in January 2021. During a transition period both CE Mark or the new UKCA/UKNI Marks will be accepted. From January 2023, CE Marking will cease and only the UKCA and UKNI marking will be accepted for the UK Market and Northern Ireland market.

What are the requirements for fabricators?

Factory Production Control

All fabricators in the UK will be required to have in place documented production procedures and policies.

Each Fabricator will also be responsible for ensuring their factory operatives are fully trained in the fabrication of each product in accordance with the System Company’s guidelines.

If your company currently holds EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems audited by a UKAS accredited agency then you will already be compliant. If your company does not hold this standard now is the time to act.

Initial Type Testing

Initial Type Testing (ITT) is undertaken by Smart together with independent testing bodies such as the BSI, BRE and BM Trada. All fabricators will be required to provide relevant test reports for each system.

To facilitate compliance with this requirement Smart's test reports are made available online in full in the Document Library.

How can Smart support their customers with CE Marking?

Obtaining and providing UKCA Marking on windows and doors with the assistance and support of Smart’s FPC templates, labelling program and ITT documents will be a straightforward process for the majority of fabricators.

You can download the Smart Guide to UKCA Marking and FPC documents by using the links above.